Wow! It actually happened! Back in grad school, we were encouraged to try to get an article published. It was actually an assignment to write an article. As exhausted as we all were, no one had much desire to add one more thing to our plates. And so for most of us, the thought was pushed to the side, if not off, our plates. 

I recently got a call asking if I would write a piece for Exchange, The Early Childhood Leaders Magazine. It would be part of the World Forum Foundations, Wonder Newsletter.  I wrote a short article about how we give children time to explore in our outdoor classroom. I sent it off, and like most things in our busy lives, considered it one more thing off my plate.  In May, Exchange Magazine arrived in my mailbox  It has been sitting in my "to read" pile since then.  Unaware that my article had actually made it ANYWHERE, I was saving it because the cover was abount Emerging Leaders.  Shockingly, I just discovered my article was actually published! WOW!  Who knew?  I don't even mind that it was on the very last page of the whole magazine!  So, Dr. Anneliese Payne, this one is for you!